Pastor Rick Warren: An Abortion Holocaust

(EDIT 4:03PM: I found the video of the interview)

This morning, Pastor Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church was on NBC's Meet the Press. He called Abortion a problem in this country similar to that of the Holocaust. Warren has apparently has had this idea for awhile. The last time I checked abortion is not a genocide. Likening it as a genocide is just reinforcing the problems regarding abortion in this country.

Many people don't understand, Roe v. Wade made abortion a big hot-button issue. The idea of abortion used to be a personal decision people made in private, before the Roe v. Wade ruling (Henderson 200). When I argue this issue with people I generally bring up the example of policy in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, abortion is legal in all stages of pregnancy, including third trimester. The way that abortion can take place in the third trimester is in emergencies with a doctor's consent. Generally, if a woman wants one, the doctor will write one (Henderson 208). Now logically you may think that the rate of abortion would be high, but actually it is relatively low. Sarah L. Henderson and Alana S. Jeydel mention in their book Participation and Protest that the abortion rates are much lower in states with liberalized abortion laws (p. 209).

When contraception and abortion policy is liberally applied, the outcome would seem favorable. Why then is it vehemently opposed in the US? This almost causes a favorable outcome for both schools of thought in this country. The problem is that these attitudes on abortion are very ingrained in political and church ideologies. There will still be opposition by evangelicals because the access to birth control is there. Why not just give and take? If there's more access, women can have abortions if they choose to and in confidentiality. Doesn't that benefit everyone if the overall number of abortions decrease?

Maybe this is an issue of contraception in the first place? If there was more sex education in this country then there may be less inclination to rely on abortions. People would understand how to use condoms and birth control. However to make this change churches have to be at the forefront. They will have to retract their statements about condoms and birth control, which has become ingrained in church dogma. It will take a lot to break this, but in order to do so, religious institutions need to stop pushing sex issues aside. These aren't fake issues, and people in this country deserve to be educated in sex. Telling people to be abstinent hasn't worked, let's try something different rather than keep running into the same proverbial wall.

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