The Cincinnati Cyclones Honor a Local Biggot

Cincinnati's biggest local radio pundit, Bill Cunningham, will have his own bobble-head given away at tomorrow night's Cincinnati Cyclones game. This isn't the first time American politics and hockey have found a common ground, but this one annoys me. Firstly, because it reminds me how backwards Cincinnati truly is. Secondly, the fact you can honor someone like this with a bobblehead is damaging to the image of Cincinnati.

So I bet those who read this blog and are not from the Cincinnati area are asking: "Who is Bill Cunningham?" Bill Cunningham is Cincinnati's local Rush Limbaugh, and he is just as, if not more, ignorant. Cunningham was a local high school star in basketball, playing for St. Xavier High School. The Cincinnati Enquirer has called him one of the top 100 of all time from the city. He practiced law for awhile, and since became a radio pundit on 700 WLW You may think this name sounds familiar, because of this statement he made in February 2008 about Barack Obama:

So what else has he said? Cunningham has advocated the beating of the homeless in Cincinnati. He has attacked the Cincinnati Zoo for pulling out of a promotional partnership with the Creation Museum. He has also said that he thinks Barack Obama wants to gas Jews. This is who the Cyclones want to highlight as a great person.

The fact that people put up with Cunningham is reflective on the city of Cincinnati. Putting up with his antics projects that there is serious problem with social issues in Cincinnati. If you live there and have a differing opinion from the mainstream, this is evident. For example, atheists have trouble with religious zealots, like Bill Cunningham, because Cincinnati is a fairly religious city. Not to mention the Creation Museum is in Northern Kentucky, and only 15 minutes from downtown.

Cincinnati is not a place I want to live the rest of my life, and many of my friends and family are aware (sometimes ad nauseum) of it. For some people, it is a great city, and someplace to raise a family. For others, it's a very closed minded place where it's not okay to be different. By giving hateful people like Bill Cunningham a platform to speak, this image is reinforced to residents as well as outsiders. The Cincinnati Cyclones are adding to the political problems of Cincinnati by honoring Bill Cunningham with a bobble-head night. I hope in the future that the Cincinnati Cyclones reconsider the political and social implications of honoring a pundit, no matter which way they lean. Thanks Cyclones for reinforcing social and political norms that make it difficult for me to want to ever live in Cincinnati when I finally get out of school.

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Liz Keuffer said...

Why anyone wastes their time and energy even thinking about Cunningham, let alone listening to him, let alone honoring him with a bobblehead (I hope all the fucking heads break off before the game is even over) is beyond me. He gives our city a bad name (and we sure don't need his help).

Mark Looy said...

So the implication is that Bill Cunningham is also a bigot because he supported the Creation Museum after the Cincinnat Zoo -- during the Christmas season -- stopped its promotional package that offered families a discount to visit both attractions. The zoo yielded to the pressure of dozens of intolerant (often hateful) people who demanded that the zoo stop its ticket partnership with us. And somehow Mr. Cunningham is a bigot for exposing this intolerance and hate? Mark Looy, CCO, Creation Museum, Petersburg, Kentucky

Mike Brownstein said...

Mr. Looy, I think you missed the point. Bill Cunningham has been a biggot, and not solely because he is an advocate fr the Creation Museum. The Cincinnati Zoo likely made that decision for reasons that don't entirely involve religion. It is inappropriate to compare the Cincinnati Zoo to Southern white supremacy in the 1960s.

Joe_Agnost said...

Mark Looy wrote: "So the implication is that Bill Cunningham is also a bigot because he supported the Creation Museum..."

Dumber than a sack of nails... you really have to be at the bottom of the IQ chart to arrive at that conclusion from the article Mark.

Thanks for the post Mike - I hadn't heard of Bill Cunningham before... what a horrible person to have representing your city.

Brittany said...

Ugh. Cincinnati, why must you continue to be such a silly city? I realize that there's not a lot of celebrities from the Queen City, but is it really necessary to honor such a disgusting person? Are you going to have a Charles Manson bobblehead night too?

(This, of course, isn't implying that Cunningham is like Charles Manson- just that there's apparently such a lack of celebrity in Cincinnati that they have to use what they have- even if it is someone not exactly favorable.)

I'd rather see a Pete Rose bobblehead night, myself.

Dark Matter said...

Mark: If I was in your position, I'd be more concerned at having a jackass of Cunningham's epic proportions on my side than I would be about Mike pointing out that said epic jackass is a bigot. Which, incidentally, he is, but that wasn't Mike's point in referencing the Creation "Museum" debate with the zoo - his point is that Cunningham is a horrible person and shouldn't be honored with anything, even a bobblehead. And I'm pretty sure his criticizing the zoo for pulling out of an informal agreement that would legitimize what is fundamentally not a scientific institution is bigoted.

Rev. Ouabache said...

Even more evidence that Creationists are horrible at reading comprehension. That is, after all, one of the main reasons they are Creationists in the first place.

Mike Brownstein said...

Rev. Ouabache I think its possible he may have been trying to change the subject, because he is looking out for a major contributor.

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