Evidence of Tea Party Racism

The other day I wrote about how the NAACP has made the claim that the Tea Party has racist elements. Almost in unison, the Tea Party Movement supporters have defended this. It is strange that the Tea Party is unified on a stance, and it's probably the first time I have heard them say something that's consistent. Some pundits have even said: "if we're so racist, prove it!" Well, here's some proof:

While not all of those signs deal with race, a very good portion of them do. Now if you're still not convinced, because you think those signs were effective, I've got something else you could watch. The following video is from a Tea Party protest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A man came to the protest with a confederate flag, and here's how he defended it:

Before you comment and tell me how this is a tactic for the left to take down the Tea Party Movement, let me say a few things. As much as I am not a big fan of what the Tea Party stands for, I'm not looking to destroy it. I might be liberal and disagree, but don't accuse me of trying to excite liberal voters by pointing out that there are racist elements in the Tea Party. I have also been to a handful of Tea Party events, and have seen or heard these elements. I am only confirming what I have seen. I see reasons for people to join the Tea Party, and it has attracted fringe individuals. If the Tea Party makes the point they are not racist, they would purge these elements.

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