Vote for Amy and Tonya on Freedom2Wed!

Today we held our Blasphemy Day event (the post is coming soon, I promise). We were approached by a couple: Tonya Agnew and Amy Crampton who are in a very special contest. Freedom2Wed is holding a contest where same-sex couples are competing to win an all-expense paid wedding in Washington, DC. I first heard about Amy and Tonya at this year's OUTFest, Pride Lafayette's annual event. They've been together for 12 years, and cannot get married, because Indiana does not allow same-sex marriage. Here's a video about them:

If Amy and Tonya could be married, it would be great for this community. From an ally's point of view, Lafayette, IN has a great LGBT community. OUTFest saw no protesters, and was a family-friendly event. It was a fantastic event! For a small town in the middle of a fairly conservative state, this speaks volumes. The community, as a whole, is one the most diverse in the state and it would really give the LGBT community in Lafayette, IN another reason to be proud.

So if you have a moment, and would like to support this cause, please visit Freedom2Wed and vote for Amy and Tonya. I know they'd appreciate it, and again, I hope they win. Voting ends this evening at 11:59pm.

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