Guns Have No Place Outside the Armory at Purdue

Yesterday, a Purdue Student Government Senator proposed legislation that students be allowed to carry concealed firearms on campus. Here's some of the rationale:
"...I think of my little sister and how someday she could be walking on this campus. If anyone ever tried to hurt her I would want her to at least have the option of defending herself...
...An Indiana resident with the proper licensing can carry on Purdue’s campus with no fear of repercussions since he or she could only be punished through University Regulations,” Briggs wrote, “which obviously don’t apply to him or her if this person is not a student, a member of faculty, or staff. This means IU students have the right to carry here without enforceable punitive actions being taken while Purdue students can’t..."
Personally, I'm not moved by this argument. Let's consider that Virginia Tech has had 2 incidents where there was an active shooter on campus. There have been multiple other incidents where people were either thwarted or succeeded with gun violence in other arenas that aren't universities. This is a serious issue even if it has only effected a handful of people.

I'm not going to say people have no rights to guns, because that's just silly. I am suggesting however, that guns are not necessary on Purdue's campus outside of the armory. Guns are a hobby that people in this country enjoy, and there's no reason to stop them from having this hobby in a closed and safe environment. The armory hosts a number of gun-oriented organizations, and there's no one complaining about how they cant shoot cans or targets on the Math Building. If you're going to complain about there being no outdoor locations, those exist nearby and can be accessed through the gun-oriented organizations.

The biggest point to think about is this quote from Purdue Police Chief John Cox:

“When we get that 911 call and we send two to three uniformed officers and there are two or three guys shooting at each other, who’s the bad guy?” he said. “Our officers are trained to eliminate the threat. When there’s chaos, the officers aren’t going to know who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy."
"Unfortunately, what that means is it could end up in tragedy and I’d have to explain to someone’s parents we couldn’t tell who the good guys were and the bad guys were.”

I personally do not feel safer when more people have guns concealed. Sure, you might know how to be safe about it, but there's no reason to have one. Besides, if there is an active shooter and you kill him/her there's no telling you'll be protected from the law. Even if there is safety classes, just letting people carry guns will make people who don't know much about (and frankly aren't all that interested in owning) guns feel unsafe around campus. Just because you know how to fire guns, doesn't ensure everyone does.

Let's just keep it the way it is, no guns on campus unless you're in the armory. Let's stop being paranoid about other people coming to kill us. Even with safety classes, it doesn't prevent the fact that the door would be open to incidents like those that occurred at Virginia Tech.

(Via Purdue Exponent)

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