Looks Like Mitt Romney Needs Better E-Mail Writers

Today in my email, I got a letter from Matt Rhoades of the Romney campaign to ask me to donate money. I subscribe to both Obama and Romney's campaigns because I'm keeping an eye on it to try to see how both campaigns are utilizing the Internet. So far they both are actually doing some interesting things.

Here's what I read that made me scratch my head:

In making this announcement, the Chicago crowd was consistent with what has been a remarkably flailing campaign with no discernible rationale for candidacy. We now know that only one campaign is going to run on President Obama's record of the past three-and-a-half years in office - and it's not the Obama campaign. Without the ability to run on a record of achievement, the incumbent is reduced to a campaign based on scattershot attacks on Governor Romney in particular and Republicans in general.  
The Obama campaign is like one of those gyrating, intermittent lawn sprinklers, spewing out attacks in seemingly random directions, hoping to get somebody wet somewhere but hoping even more to talk about anything but the unemployment rate, federal debt, gas prices, or rising health insurance premiums. 
In his New Hampshire remarks, Governor Romney dubbed this a campaign of "diversions, distortions and distractions" but noted it wouldn't work. "It's still about the economy - and we're not stupid." 
I read that bold area and just shook my head. To be honest the first time I read that, I had to double-take. This is actually what I was thinking when I read it:

The lesson here is don't use analogies that can be misconstrued, and hire better campaign e-mail writers (especially when you can afford them).

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